Rogers Retention Ridiculousness

TLDR; Rogers internet 25% off “Extreme Plus” (45Mbps/4Mbps/150GB) for $69 per month.

Let me start out by saying that for the past year there has been ‘provisioning’ going on with Bell Canada preventing me from getting any service other than Rogers Cable internet.

I signed up 8 months ago for a student promotion for 8 months no contract:

25Mbps Download; 2Mbps Upload; 160GB Cap; $52 after tax

This just expired and to my shock the price went up to $90. (I am rounding to the nearest dollar)

Here were my options (after calling Bell who informed me that they are still provisioning) Continue reading Rogers Retention Ridiculousness

Rogers mobile speed test results with HTC One on LTE

The new HTC One gets 10mbps download and 1.5mbps upload on Rogers network.

Being a Wind Mobile customer for more than a year and a half now, I have always been disappointed with their mobile speed (specifically the upload rate).

Today, I went to Vaughan Mills Mall where they had a display for the HTC One. After talking with the sales person for a few minutes, I convinced him to demonstrate the speed test for Rogers which he was using as a carrier for the new device. Continue reading Rogers mobile speed test results with HTC One on LTE

VHD Management

 The following is a primer on managing virtual hard drives using Hyper-V manager. Virtual hard disk files are stored as either .vhd or .vhdx files which use .avhd and .avhdx differencing disks respectively for snapshots. Both formats support either fixed size or dynamically expanding. The .vhdx format is new as of Server 2012 and provides some improvements over the previous .vhd format including increased storage capacity.

For a list of changes in the VHDX format, see

All examples are performed using Hyper-V 3.0 on Windows Server 2012 (minimum version required).

Continue reading VHD Management

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