SLR Reverse Ring Adapter – Macro Sample Shots

Today a co-worker let me try out his newly purchased reverse ring adapter. It’s a Nikon D7000 with a 50mm f/1.4 prime on the adapter. I took these test shots:

For under $10 this thing is a lot of fun, but the quality does not come close to that of a true macro. I found the depth of field all but unusable, even at the smallest aperture setting (it was a manual aperture lens @ f/16). The focus ring didn’t seem to be working either so you had to get within inches of the subject to focus and the slightest movement threw it completely out of focus. In its defence, I didn’t have a tripod available and as such you may have noticed the high ISO, which also affected image quality. If you happen to have a prime lens with manual aperture control (or are on a shoestring budget), I would recommend getting one of these right now and start having some fun with it. For the rest of us, a true macro mould be much more suitable, especially if you are a pro.

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