WordPress Twenty Twelve Theme: First Impressions

A few days ago, I found the new Twenty Twelve theme (September 27th 2012) available for download so I thought I’d try it out. My first impression is that it doesn’t translate very well when switching from the Twenty Eleven theme out of the box. Here’s why:

Featured image displays by default on the main feed

Why this is a problem: I have been setting my featured image to the first image in my post, which also happens to be visible in the teaser portion of most of my posts. Now, with Twenty Twelve, I am seeing duplicates of the images on the main page.

Solution? Manually remove featured image. A bit more work but I must admit, for the post where I set the featured image to something other than a thumbnail, it looks very clean and nice.

Calendar no longer highlighting post dates

Maybe there is a way to enable this however, to keep with the clean and simple look of this theme, there is no visual indication on the calendar widget of which days have posts; you have to mouse over the widget to get said indication.

Where is this?

Not really a problem but some things have moved around. Namely, the ‘Edit’ button in now up on the top bar when viewing post and in the post information line on the main page.

Other thoughts

This theme does look very nice, and with minor modifications to work around the issues mentioned above, I think it is worth using. It is very readable, so it is perfect for a blog, and I like the choice of layout and font – the tag cloud looks great now.

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