Jupiter: Through the Telescope

A 100% crop of Jupiter taken with a Canon Powershot A95 mounted on a Newtonian style telescope.

If you are thinking about buying a telescope, please manage your expectations. I have a 5″ Newtonian Reflector scope which I picked up used for about $150. The image quality you can expect is marginal at best. Notice the bands on Jupiter? They are barely present. The storm is not visible whatsoever at this magnification. If you expect to see detail much greater than this, you could probably spend a bit more on a Dobsonian if you don’t mind the weight.

If astrophotography is your goal, I would recommend a refractor mounted to a Canon 60Da SLR body. This combo will run upwards of $2000 but should provide the best results.

Note that with my current camera, Canon 60D (the astrophotography version wasn’t available when I bought mine) it isn’t possible to take photos through my telescope. These images were taken with my old point-and-shoot in 2010.

Longer exposure on Jupiter and it’s moons provides cool lens flare and planet trail effects.

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