Dropbox: Dishing Out Storage Space

Dropbox is quite useful for storing specific files across various platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.

It provides 2GB of storage. This is enough for some files here and there but if you use it heavily you will quickly run out of space.

Here are some (free) ways to get more space:

  • Get referred – Click this link to get referred by me and get an additional 500MB http://db.tt/LHzjxkiP
  • Refer someone else – You can get a permanent 500MB per referral up to 16GB. Having 16GB makes the service much more attractive.
  • Become a student – you can link your school’s email address for up to 25GB (or as little as 3GB depending on participation of your school) for 2 years.
  • Social networking and other promotions – There are small tasks you can complete on the web portal to give you a permanent 125-500MB boost
  • Pay* – *not free but you can get much more storage if you are willing to pay a monthly fee of approximately 10 cents per gigabyte
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