Nook: A Blogging Tool?

I am writing his on my new Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight ereader. Yes, it is rooted, and yes, I am still getting used to the keyboard. Essentially this post is an exercise for myself to a) learn to type with a touchscreen keyboard (I have a QWERTY phone) and b) to determine if this is a viable blogging option. If I had to guess, I would say I could have written this post 4 times faster and with that amount fewer mistakes using a physical keyboard on a computer. Still I am really happy with the device’s capability thus far.

Some cool things I have done on an ereader:
Wrote a blog post
Read in the dark
Controlled a pc remotely using teamviewer
Root access to this web server

Days using ereader: 2


This morning I found 6 mistakes and had to fix them using my computer which I am typing on now. I also fixed formatting and added a picture.

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