Adding a Hyper-V host to a VMM Server

For VMM to be useful, you need to add servers to a host group for management. The easiest method, involves adding servers in a trusted domain using a ‘Run As’ account different from the account you use to log in to VMM. You can also add servers in untrusted domains or on a perimeter network, although this is slightly more involved. You can even provision a bare-metal host through a baseboard management controller. This guide will outline the steps of adding a host in the same domain, on the same network.

Right click and select “Add Hyper-V Hosts and Clusters” from the host group context menu in the VMs and Services sub-menu of VMM Console


Choose the resource location as “Windows Server computers in a trusted Active Directory domain”.


Use an existing run as account or create one. Alternatively, you can use an account different than the account you use with VMM. Ensure permissions are sufficient for your Active Directory Domain infrastructure on the account you choose.


Specify the discovery scope. Entering the FQDN of the host you wish to add is generally sufficient.


Select the host you wish to add.


Choose the host group and set any placement paths that are available on the host. If this host had previously been managed by another VMM server it is wise to check the “Reassociate this host with this VMM environment” checkbox.


OPTIONAL: Configure migration settings if applicable.


Review the summary and click Finish to complete the wizard.


To use Powershell instead of the wizard, modify this template:

$runAsAccount = Get-SCRunAsAccount -Name “vmmadmin” -ID “31013b1e-afb3-4e20-aa09-beb7984a7b0c”

$hostGroup = Get-SCVMHostGroup -ID “0e3ba228-a059-46be-aa41-2f5cf0f4b96e” -Name “All Hosts”

Add-SCVMHost -ComputerName “hv2012.dalaris.local” -RunAsynchronously -VMHostGroup $hostGroup -Reassociate $true -VMPaths “E:\VM” -Credential $runAsAccount -LiveStorageMigrationMaximum “2” -EnableLiveMigration $true -LiveMigrationMaximum “2” -MigrationAuthProtocol “CredSSP” -UseAnyMigrationSubnet $true

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