Well I succeeded in naming a blog post with only acronyms.

This fun little device allows HDMI output from your android phone (think screen sharing). I picked one up from Ebay for about 7 dollars including HDMI cable. Quite a cool concept, however, in practice – not so much.


Here’s a screenshot of the adapter in action. It is recursively displaying the camera app. As you can see, the scaling is not perfect and there is unfortunately no setting for overscan. This could however be attributed to my HDTV – a cheaper 40″ Dynex – since I remember encountering a similar problem before with HDMI output on a video card.

Bottom line: This could come in handy on that one occasion where you happen to have loaded some videos on your phone and are at a party and you look very tech savvy by playing said video from your phone on a bog screen (this has not happened to me but I could see it as a possibility). Other than some absurdly rare scenario that you may encounter, this device will probably be a waste of space – did I mention it requires power from a microusb cable? This means you need 3 pieces (adapter, charge cable, HDMI cable) to get it working…it becomes quite the tangled mess.

TLDR: Save $7 and wait for wireless display technologies…

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