Essential electronics for European travel



If you are traveling to Europe and are anything like me, here are some recommended items to bring on your trip.

  • International Travel Power Adapter – make sure it accepts the grounded plug type
  • Power bar – only need one international travel power adapter!
  • Additional travel adapters – just in case you need power somewhere else
  • AC USB wall chargers w/ Micro/Mini USB cables – charge your devices in the hotel
  • Unlocked cell phone – get a SIM card in your country of visitation for cheap data and VoIP calls
  • Spare cell phone – put your current SIM card in with an international roaming package ($8 from Wind) so people can still call you
  • Cell phone extended batteries – IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU CHARGE THESE BEFORE YOU LEAVE! You do not want to rely on your power hungry in-phone GPS just to have it run out of battery 2 hours after exploring a foreign country.
  • Laptop – obviously!
  • Cameras – SLR with walk-around lens (not pictured), Waterproof backup camera (you never know), GoPro (I ordered a wifi backpack for remote viewing/live streaming video)
  • Camera accessories – Extra batteries and SD cards – these are hard to find or more expensive in Europe.
  • SD Card Reader – nice to have if your camera doesn’t have wireless capabilities
  • eReader – it could rain, right? Can’t sleep on the plane? Etc…
  • Headphones – in-ear to block out all noise

Non electronic essentials…

I know the title of this post says essential electronics but you cant forget these:

  • Passport – yeah, I know…
  • International Drivers Licence – Permit to drive anywhere in the world (I think)
  • Earplugs – Plane ride…
  • Sleep mask – see Earplugs above
  • Portable camera case – you can bring your regular SLR bag with other lenses but you won’t want to carry them around. Try to find a bag that will fit your best walk-around lens

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