Galaxy Nexus Android 4.3 OTA Update

imageFinally! After a whole week of waiting, this evening the update notification icon appeared and after some minutes, had been installed on my device. Continue reading for more screenshots.



As you can see here, this is the i9250 variant which runs build JWR66V. The update was received organically, without having to perform any tricks to get it off Google’s server or restoring my device.

The funny thing is that the update really doesn’t add much to the experience. A few new features like auto-complete on the dialer, minor usability improvements, and behind the scenes wifi/bluetooth changes. And I was really excited for some reason – actually it is because I have a small interest in mobile development and like to see what is added to the API. After the first day of this release I had a VM but you don’t get the full experience until running it on physical hardware.

For those who did not yet receive the update, I did not have to clear any cache on Android services (although I was about to right before I noticed the update icon). Perhaps, after some days of using it, I will change my opinion, but I feel somewhat let down with this update.

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