How to be efficient with your protein intake

It can be very difficult to get the right amount of protein in your diet and it gets even harder when you are trying to be efficient with your protein intake, both from a caloric and financial point of view. So, I have created a list of some foods I recently ate, order by their “purity” of protein. This chart has way too much information but creates a lot of interesting relationships between protein (also other macro-nutrients) and things like ketogenic ratio, net calories, fullness factor, and even gives an arbitrary rating for overall value based on cost. I have also provided a download link where you can add your own foods and play around with the varying costs of those foods.

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ROGERS IGNITE 250u review

Today I switched to Rogers’ newest service, ROGERS IGNITE 250u, why the all-caps is beyond me. That is unlimited usage tier, with 250mbps download, and 20mbps upload bandwidth. It is $69.99 for 3 months, then $95 after that. I was unable to use my existing retention discount of 25% in addition to the 3 month discount, but it worked out for me to use my retentions discount as it lasts longer.

Here are the details:



Speeds up to:

  • 250Mbps DOWNLOAD
  • 20Mbps UPLOAD

But I am actually receiving significantly more on the download end, at 320Mbps!

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