CloudFlare FrontEnd GUI – Manage your domains

CloudFlare FrontEnd is a useful front end GUI tool to quickly manage your CloudFlare domains without having to log in to the web site. Use promo code CLOUDFLARE until March 31, 2015 to download for free. 

CloudFlare FrontEndCloudFlare FrontEnd

Features include:

  • List domains associated with your account
  • Clearing the cache for a given domain (ts_purge)
  • Get zone information
  • Find the last purge date (very useful!)
  • Quickly pause or enable acceleration on a given domain (uses APIv4)


  • Access your CloudFlare settings when CloudFlare is experiencing an outage
  • Centralized management of useful tasks
  • Ease of use

CloudFlare is a free global CDN and DNS provider that can speed up and protect any site online.

Installation instructions:

  1. Change the following keys in CloudFlare.exe.config
    <add key=”ApiKey” value=”[YOUR API KEY GOES HERE]” />
  2. Run CloudFlare.exe
  3. Click get domains to retrieve the list of domains from your account


Having trouble? See below for answers to some common questions.

How do I get my API key? Login to your account page to find your API key.

What if CloudFlare’s API is down? If the API is down, then it is likely that the APIv4 features will not work – so this means you will not be able to enable or pause CloudFlare acceleration on your domains. However, the other features (non-APIv4) have been tested during an outage and still work.

Can I manage multiple accounts? The best solution for this would be to create a second copy of the installation folder and change the config file to reflect the correct settings of the second account. You can then create shortcuts to each version of the application.

Why doesn’t CloudFlare FrontEnd do [feature]? If you have a requirement, please leave a comment below and if it is possible, it will be added to the application.


Interesting anecdote – while editing this page I experienced a problem with CloudFlare, requiring me to temporarily pause acceleration for this site so I could continue editing this post! I did so, quickly, using this application.

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