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Bitcoin: Data Cost

Somehow my blkindex.dat file became corrupt the other day so I got a little nervous as I remember that one .dat file contained all my bitcoins – within a split second I realized this is the wallet.dat file so I quickly backed it up again for added piece of mind. While in the bitcoin data directory I noticed the size of the blkindex.dat file was over 1 gigabyte! And then the blk0001.dat was 2GB, blk0002.dat was another GB! Let’s not forget about debug.log – another gigabyte. Over 5GB to be able to use the currency? And how many people are using the currency? A lot. This is a problem that is inherently created due to the nature of the currency. But what are some possible solutions? Continue reading Bitcoin: Data Cost

Wind Mobile’s Terrible Mobile Data Speeds

Wind Mobile is hands-down the best voice alternative to replace existing cellular and/or land-line service. Plans starting around $25 a month get you the equivalent of a basic home phone line from Bell, at a couple dollars cheaper per month – plus unlimited text messaging and some data to boot. Go up to the $40 per month range and you’ve got yourself unlimited long distance and unlimited data too! What’s the catch? Continue reading Wind Mobile’s Terrible Mobile Data Speeds