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Crypto Black Friday Sale 2021

Just a funny coincidence that most of the crypto markets fell up to or around 10% today and my first thought was it’s on sale. I have noticed that Bitcoin is cheaper today than it was last in early October. If this is a buy the dip opportunity, or not, I cannot say but it certainly feels like a Black Friday sale disguised by fears of new contagious pathogens and potential government imposed lockdown fear.

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How I’ve Been Using the Crypto.com App for High(er) Returns

Note that most of the following assumes you have existing crypto assets and/or CRO, plus some free cash to move around.

I have been using the platform for a few weeks and staked some of my existing crypto as well as converted some extra cash to TCAD earning way better interest rates than any bank with theoretically less risk than the stock market (there is risk of the platform going out of business).

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How to have diamond hands

Every dollar you spend is spent. If you decide to “invest” in something whether is be crypto, the stock market, or an alternative investment, you must consider that money invested as if you bought an experience (i.e. something that is a sunk cost like a vacation). There is always risk even in the safest investments that it could go to zero. A bank account earning 0.01% interest certainly has less risk than say cryptocurrency, but theres always going to be that chance of an extinction level event.

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Dollar Rant

I don’t have proof (I should have posted something a year ago) but I definitely called that “inflation” would be much higher after government decisions such as CERB and forcing businesses to shut down. I mean inflation to include money printing which I know is being done in the United States. Without getting TOO anti-political, this is frighteningly close to a welfare state.

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Arbitrary Value Rating Lookup Table

2012 Canadian Penny
The penny would get a low value rating as it costs more to produce than it is worth. In fact, Canada has now discontinued its production as of May 2012.

If you are looking for an easy way to compare values of a given subset I have created a simple lookup table for arbitrary value vs. rating. For example a $10 item scoring 10 points would have a value of 10 such that the rating is determined by squaring the item’s score divided by the price of the item. It is very useful for rating items in the range of $10-$100 and can be easily manipulated to represent the value of any range by factoring the value of the lowest priced item in the range to equal 10, such that for a range of $100-$1000 the price would be factored by 0.1 (100 x 0.1 = 10).



Here is the simple math:



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