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Catching Googlebot

It is always nice to see unique visitors to your site. For a blog that doesn’t get too many hits, it’s very nice.

Google Analytics is a great, robust way to analyze your visitors based on various parameters such as date visited, location, etc. It produces readable charts and graphs and datasets that can be exported via the web interface.

Anaytics is part of Google’s Webmaster Tools which in itself is very useful. You provide a site map and Googlebot will crawl your site and index it. Today, I caught Googlebot in the act.  Continue reading Catching Googlebot

Accessing American Media Streaming Services Abroad

There are several popular media streaming services that are only accessible in the United States- Pandora, Hulu, Spotify, and a great deal of Netflix content. This media is basically barred due to copyright issues, so, those of us who enjoy consuming american content but don’t live there are inherently out of luck. Were not totally out of luck though – there are several ways to circumvent this issue.

Please note that I am not entirely sure the legality of doing this, so please consider the information as theoretical only. Continue reading Accessing American Media Streaming Services Abroad