How I’ve Been Using the App for High(er) Returns

Note that most of the following assumes you have existing crypto assets and/or CRO, plus some free cash to move around.

I have been using the platform for a few weeks and staked some of my existing crypto as well as converted some extra cash to TCAD earning way better interest rates than any bank with theoretically less risk than the stock market (there is risk of the platform going out of business).

The first thing to consider is that credit card payment fees are waived for the first 30 days and you can buy TrueCAD (TCAD) 1:1 this way (and vice versa sell TCAD 1:1 for CAD). The reason I mention is that you could take advantage of this period to quickly onboard your account past the $3000 per day Interac eTransfer limit (provided your credit card does not consider this as a cash-like transaction and charge cash advance feest). Not only does this ramp up your account, you also automatically get the 66 “diamonds” per day to open the loot boxes which reward ~0.3-10+ CRO depending on your luck. So, for example, a $1000CAD would be enough to trigger this condition and you could stake for an additional 12% interest plus 2% back in CRO. You may also have a funding credit card with cashback, so again, provided the card does not consider as cash-like, you could automatically get cash back just for making the transfer. WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS IF YOUR CARD HAS CASH ADVANCE FEES AND CONSIDERS THESE TYPES OF TRANSACTIONS AS CASH ADVANCES OR CASH-LIKE.

While this sounds pretty good, the main limitation is that transferring back to your bank account would be capped at $3000 per day. Instead, there are services or workarounds like TrustToken or buying another coin and sending to another exchange, but there are fees or spreads involved here so you could end up losing much of your gains if you don’t have a substaintial amount to move around. WARNING: WHILE TRUSTTOKEN DOES NOT CHARGE FEES PER SE, THE BANK WIRES CAN COST UPWARDS OF $30, SO CONSIDER THIS ONLY IF YOU NEED TO QUICKLY MOVE LARGE SUMS AND NOTE THAT IN SOME COUNTRIES TRANSACTIONS OVER $10000 ARE FLAGGED FOR TAX AGENCIES.

Also, I had my card declined a couple of times even though I had plenty of my credit limit available. It sometimes took a second attempt, not sure what the rules are for this. My credit card is with my bank so I can immediately transfer funds to it and the credit becomes available, meaning I could theoretically do this until I ran out of cash and hit my credit limit.

I do plan to investigate some options once my 5% CRO cashback Visa debit card arrives such as buying from other exchanges that have under 5% fees (so far I have found a couple just below 4% and I will write a separate post on this topic if it becomes viable).

Earn (Staking)

This is great for people who have a chunk of crypto assets sitting around in a cold wallet that they want to do something with, but don’t want to risk any tax implications in the future by selling outright. It isn’t nearly as complex as liquidity pools and you earn a small percentage in-kind as well up to 2% bonus back in CRO assuming you are willing to lock in for 1 or 3 months. As these do not rollover, you would need to put it in your calendar to re-stake if that is your plan. There are limitations to how much you can stake in the app and sadly I have not hit these limits to know how it would be affected by the existing staked assets increase in value but I assume once the term is over, it would only allow you to re-stake up to the maximum based on your card tier $500,000USD, or 1 million for the white or rose card, and 2 million for the obsidian card.

At time of writing the best assets to stake purely based on their APY numbers are stablecoins which give up to 12%. While this is safer in terms of volatility, you don’t get any possible upside as with various cryptocurrencies. For me this just acts as a sort of un-bank account for any extra cash I may not need for the next few months.


With the rising price of CRO currently outpacing Bitcoin and some other larger market cap coins, it might make sense to simply hold your CRO. I would not be surprised if it stays around par with the USD soon, perhaps surpassing it as early as next year if we stay on the current trajectory.


I’m not entirely clear on if this is worth it but the APY numbers on this feature seems pretty lucrative, and since there is no cost for transferring in/out, you could put your idle CRO into it if you are HODLing it anyway since staking CRO is only 6% with no additional bonuses locked in for 1 or 3 months.

DeFi Wallet

While not supported on every chain, it is essentially the native wallet of choice for Cronos (MetaMask also currently supported with some manual setup) which has some pretty decent options now that the APY numbers have come back to earth a bit. It would be relatively inexpensive to provide liquidity to some pools on the Cronos network or farm some of the tokens as there are less transactions involved (each transaction can be upwards of 1 CRO). It however will not cost much to bring your CRO back into the app across the chain to the Cosmos ecosystem. Pair this with Keplr and Emeris if you want to use Osmosis Labs instead (I like Osmosis a lot so far – the token OSMO has retained its value and had decent returns in the short term).

What not to do

Buying coins directly in the app has very high spreads, which seem to increase dynamically as the quantity increases. I would recommend using their exchange if the pair is supported as there is a flat rate fee of 0.4% with discounts if you stake (separately from the app) certain tiers of CRO. Otherwise, with large quantites, you may be better off sending to another exchange with lower fees althogether but the tranfer costs might make this a wash.

In addition to buying coins in the app, I generally recommend against buying shitcoins, trending coins, or just anything at or near an all time high as a general rule.

As mentioned above, do not buy cryptocurrencies with your credit card if the transaction is treated as cash-like, because you will incur cash advance fees as high as many percent, plus start incurring interest immediately.

Finally, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. At the end of the day is still a buisness that could fold. It is very a convenient all-in-one ecosystem, but consider spreading around your assets to a DeFi wallet where your keys mean your coins, or other similar platforms like Celsius as an example to earn as another CeFi option. In addition, other ecosystems like Solana or Ethereum based would be good to consider as well. While Ethereum gas fees are still super high, Solana has reasonable fees, as well as Cosmos and Cronos.

There are so many options and thousands of tokens, Do Your Own Research! I am not a financial advisor, nor is this financial advice, just what has worked for demonstrative purposes.

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