Non-custodial wallet comparison

Here is a quick comparison of some non-custodial wallets I have used. This is not an exhaustive list as there are MANY wallets available. I am not covering native coin wallets such as Bitcoin Core or Electrum which are specific to their respective coins (Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash for example).

Trust Wallet – multi-purpose, mainly focused on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Limited staking options, but can convert BNB to smart chain in app. Easily links to dApps via in app browser. Can recommend as an alternative to using Binance if you have a lot of BNB and want to use DEX like Pancakeswap. Supports Wallet Connect for using dApps on an external browser but no browser extension at time of writing, only mobile app. Able to easily import OG wallets such as Ethereum (Import private key or use wallet file JSON).

Keplr – great for Cosmos ecosystem, browser extension and limited functionality mobile app, great staking rates but have to manually claim rewards (although low fees for doing so).

Phantom – for Solana ecosystem, browser extension only at time of writing.

Metamask – more advanced alternative to Trust Wallet? Able to customize/integrate with other chains like Cronos (browser extension). wallet – good integration with suite, native Cronos support. Would recommend for those already using the app and have CRO staked, you can use the weekly rewards to move from their centralized exchange to a new and currently lucrative Cronos DEX.


With Ethereum gas prices so high, degenerate “investors” need to have lower fee alternatives to yield farm and stake their crypto assets. There isn’t one clear winner, and for the more agressive investor they would do well to used more than one wallet to take advantage of the benefits certain ecosystems (i.e. BSC, Cosmos, Solana, Cronos) provide, as “ETH Killers” at least until Ethereum 2.0 materializes, which would ultimately risk eclipsing these others if the transaction fees really can be reduced as much as claimed >99%.

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