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Crypto Black Friday Sale 2021

Just a funny coincidence that most of the crypto markets fell up to or around 10% today and my first thought was it’s on sale. I have noticed that Bitcoin is cheaper today than it was last in early October. If this is a buy the dip opportunity, or not, I cannot say but it certainly feels like a Black Friday sale disguised by fears of new contagious pathogens and potential government imposed lockdown fear.

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How I’ve Been Using the App for High(er) Returns

Note that most of the following assumes you have existing crypto assets and/or CRO, plus some free cash to move around.

I have been using the platform for a few weeks and staked some of my existing crypto as well as converted some extra cash to TCAD earning way better interest rates than any bank with theoretically less risk than the stock market (there is risk of the platform going out of business).

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How to have diamond hands

Every dollar you spend is spent. If you decide to “invest” in something whether is be crypto, the stock market, or an alternative investment, you must consider that money invested as if you bought an experience (i.e. something that is a sunk cost like a vacation). There is always risk even in the safest investments that it could go to zero. A bank account earning 0.01% interest certainly has less risk than say cryptocurrency, but theres always going to be that chance of an extinction level event.

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Why I am giving my family and friends $500 worth of crypto

I’ve been recently interested in DeFi and have long been interested in cryptocurrency vs. fiat money. One thing that I have always cautioned people about cryptocurrencies is their risk that they could go to zero, and as such, I’ve only ever mined or traded crypto that I held, never invested any of my fiat dollars (the exception to this rule is that I have recently exchanged some fiat for stablecoins as they are pegged to the fiat dollar in order to get higher returns than the bank or even stock market). I wouldn’t feel right, especially with crypto at an all time high, if I changed my tune and said to the people I care about that they should go and buy bitcoin, or invest in crypto (however I’ve used some of what I’ve cashed out, to buy the dip on certain bitcoin ETFs traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange in my Tax Free Savings Account).

With my foray into DeFi and yield farming, I’ve decided that since what would have been sitting in a cold wallet is now earning me additional crypto, I might as well share this “bonus” with those closest with me.

My decided introduction to the world of crypto:

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Automated Green House

The greenhouse needs to be self sustaining and tolerant to drops in temperature and light condition. It can be scaled up and/or out for larger and/or varied environments.

A temperature/humidity sensor will monitor conditions polling every n minutes and a minimum/maximum can be set. Upon trigger of a low temperature event, a relay will trigger heat. A high threshold will trigger a fan, and optionally an automatic window opener.

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How to be efficient with your protein intake

It can be very difficult to get the right amount of protein in your diet and it gets even harder when you are trying to be efficient with your protein intake, both from a caloric and financial point of view. So, I have created a list of some foods I recently ate, order by their “purity” of protein. This chart has way too much information but creates a lot of interesting relationships between protein (also other macro-nutrients) and things like ketogenic ratio, net calories, fullness factor, and even gives an arbitrary rating for overall value based on cost. I have also provided a download link where you can add your own foods and play around with the varying costs of those foods.

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Rogers Retention Ridiculousness

TLDR; Rogers internet 25% off “Extreme Plus” (45Mbps/4Mbps/150GB) for $69 per month.

Let me start out by saying that for the past year there has been ‘provisioning’ going on with Bell Canada preventing me from getting any service other than Rogers Cable internet.

I signed up 8 months ago for a student promotion for 8 months no contract:

25Mbps Download; 2Mbps Upload; 160GB Cap; $52 after tax

This just expired and to my shock the price went up to $90. (I am rounding to the nearest dollar)

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