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PSA: Don’t Chase High APY LP Yields (Cronos Edition)

So far I have not had nearly the advertized APY “rewards” from any of the following Liquidity Pools:


These numbers were even higher yesterday and their token lost 50% of value overnight


This was over 3000% earlier in the day

I think Cronos is too new and people who got in on day zero doubled (or more) their money overnight and as early as I am, I am still a few days late to the party. These first-movers are taking profit already and driving the price of the tokens in the pool down. This exacerbates impermanent loss, so I suppose I will stay all-in and ride it out. However, unless you are first in line, it is much less risky to not chase these high yields.

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DeFi Deep Dive

How to do DeFi in ~7 steps down the rabbit hole

Over the past week around the start of November 2021, I have decided to learn a little bit more about the current state of decentralized finance (DeFi), with a focus on the various blockchain “features” to get a better pulse of the current state of the market. I have been somewhat invested in a few cryptocurrencies that I was not very familiar with but they SEEMED to have decent staking rewards (more on this later) at more that what a bank would give – on Kraken up to 20% for Kava as an example (and it was not required to claim any rewards; restaking seemed to happen automatically with the exception of Ethereum, also more on this later).

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