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Accessing American Media Streaming Services Abroad

There are several popular media streaming services that are only accessible in the United States- Pandora, Hulu, Spotify, and a great deal of Netflix content. This media is basically barred due to copyright issues, so, those of us who enjoy consuming american content but don’t live there are inherently out of luck. Were not totally out of luck though – there are several ways to circumvent this issue.

Please note that I am not entirely sure the legality of doing this, so please consider the information as theoretical only. Continue reading Accessing American Media Streaming Services Abroad

How to write images using SUSE ImageWriter in Windows

This is probably the easiest way to write RAW/ISO images to a USB Flash Drive for creating live USB or installation drives – at least on Linux.

SUSE ImageWriter
The GUI version of the software is quite handy for Windows users – with some caveats.

In Windows, however you may run into a few problems. First off, the ISO format is not supported in the Windows version. You need to be using RAW format. If you are lucky, simply renaming the ISO to .raw format might work.  Continue reading How to write images using SUSE ImageWriter in Windows

New Server – VPS

Today, I moved the blog to my new VPS. I decided last week to take the plunge – a hard decision as I have never owned (rented?) a VPS before and I wasn’t really sure what to get. It came down to price for me; to get the best ‘value’ for my money. Looking at the $12-20 per year market, on average, gave around 128MB RAM (256 burstable), ~10-20GB disk space, and 10-100MB metered connections. Continue reading New Server – VPS